End of year information:
Have a great xmas break

If you missed the enrolment session please contact Joy after Jan 16 to make a time to come in and do this.

Enrolment session for current 2011 Cert 4 students continuing on to Diploma of interactive Digital Media/Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media in 2012

Monday Dec 12 from 9.30am to 11am | Location: Staff office A206

This morning you don’t need to pay your fees for next year but you do need to take your paperwork (enrolment form and ticksheets) down to the Customer Service office below and do a “QUOTE” enrolment so that you secure a place in the course for next year.
You do need to organise your fee payment before the classes commence Monday Feb 6 2012. Ask the Customer service for information regards paying your fees. Vet Fee help is available.
Please note that the Diploma/Advanced Diploma courses is delivered in conjunction over 2 semesters in 2012. You cannot enrol in only the Diploma level.

Timetables for 2012
These will be posted to our department website and on the Timetable link from the Gordon website when they are finalised but I don’t expect that this will be until late January. Watch the department website.
To access the department site from home: http://fenstudent2.gordontafe.edu.au/media/

Classes for 2012 start
Classes will start the week commencing Monday Feb 6 2012

Check you results online for this year @ http://www.thegordon.edu.au/Pages/Home.aspx

Uncompleted units in Cert 4 in 2011 | If you have received a NYC or W result for a unit it means that you have not met the competencies required in that unit. To complete the unit you would need to re-enrol in the particular unit/s in 2012 and complete the requirements by either submitting your outstanding work to complete assessment and / or attending classes being delivered in Cert 4 next year. I suggest that you contact me in 2012 to discuss your options.

Need to get in touch: Joy Carland
P: 5246 6040 | E: jcarland@gorodntafe.edu.au
Staffroom: T Building Fenwick Street Campus Level 3 OfficeT3.03

Information for current Cert 4 students wanting to do the Dip/Ad Dip next year | (handout info)

2012 Diploma of IDM / Advanced Dilpoma of Screen & Media
Current cert 4 students: if you are intending to do the combined Dip/Ad Dip course next year and haven't fill in an application form yet please email JoyThe enrolment date is Monday Dec 12 at 10am-11.30am | Room A209

Cert 4 Sammy's Flash class| Task 1 | Task 2

Digital Media Department | Important dates for 2011

Folio Week | Week 16 Mon Nov 14 to Friday Nov 18
All work requirements are due by Friday Nov 18 by 4pm. No submissions can be taken after this date.
It is also the last week of student attendance – this week is used for the students to complete all submission tasks. Your teachers are available at the usual timetabled session time.
IMPORTANT: If you not have not made a submission for a particular task that was required they are not able to submit the task in the re submission period. You have missed and failed that specific task.

Competitions & events | Check notice boards for flyers

Opportunity from Ch 31 | See the flyer on the notice board

Important dates:

Term dates for 2011: Public holidays for 2011:
Term 1:  7/2/11 - 8/4/11   Labour Day - Mon 14/3/11
Term 2:  27/4/11 - 1/7/11  Good Friday - Fri 22/4/11
Term 3:  18/7/11 - 23/9/11 Easter Monday - Mon 25/4/11
Term 4:  10/10/11 - 25/11/11  Anzac Day - Wed 26/4/11
   Queens Birthday - Mon 13/6/11
  Melbourne Cup - Tue 1/11/11